Suede & Leather Cleaning

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Suede and Leather cleaning is a highly complex process and the least understood of the drycleaning specialties.  Some claim to do it but are very ordinary at it. Some send their leathers to us.

We are true experts of suede and leather cleaning, having cleaned 100’s of them every week as suede and leather specialists in the ’80s for not only retail customers but as a wholesale service for many drycleaners and leather stores all around Melbourne where they send their suedes and leathers to us for cleaning.

We can handle all suedes, leathers and furs for cleaning, restoration and repairs. More often than not the ‘skins’ are returned to you in ‘as new’ condition. If they were any newer they’d be alive!

Most Suede and Leather jackets cost from $70 to be cleaned and takes up to 2 weeks. 

There’s many types and suedes and leathers as well as dyes and tanning processes that can affect the clean-ability of the garment. 

You can bring the garment in anytime during opening hours and once we see it, feel it, inspect we’ll be able to give you an honest appraisal of how well it should come up after cleaning. 

Your garments can also be “Stain-guarded” to reduce the impact of liquid stains.

Repairs and alterations are also available. 

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