Please Leave us Your Feedback

We will be glad to adjust things for your next visit.

I like to tell my staff that “I’m not the boss, the customer is!

Its those people coming in the shop with bundles of more work that are putting the food on your table!”

While many customers tell us we are the best drycleaners they ever used, it would be too easy for us to coast and be satisfied. I always believe in looking for constant improvement in all areas.

We want to be continually shaping and moulding ourselves into the drycleaners our customers want us to be. Tell us what you need from us. We strive to be the best we can be.

Drycleaning is a difficult business. It’s the process of trying to make an infinite variety of secondhand goods with an infinite variety of stains, clean and like new again. Even with 50+ combined years of experience and learning, we can never have enough experience or training or feedback.

Good, bad and the ugly..
Dont hold back.. So please .. Feedback is very important.. we don’t really need to know that we have done a good job. But most importantly we definitely need know if we have not done well and all the details of was wrong. email us now, (anonymously if you like but we may not be able to rectify things for you)

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