curtain Cleaning

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This is one of our best specialties that we are very proud of.

Curtains can be a very valuable investment. One that you’ll want to preserve in great condition for many years to come. The best way to extend its lifespan is to have them drycleaned by a professionally qualified drycleaner.

Having drycleaned a lot of curtains for over 3 decades, we have built up a lot of experience in all types of curtains and blind cleaning, from the smallest venetians to large curtains. We can clean, restore and repair them all as well as repairing and adjusting tracks, carriages, and eyelets. And the cords! Rubber backed curtains we can clean and in some cases restore.

Curtains and any window furnishings act as a air filter trapping the dust coming in and out of your home. building up layers of which may be hazardous to your health. The most effective way to clean and rejuvenate your curtains is to have them professionally drycleaned.

Dirt and grime can wear out your curtains, as well as stains can become permanent over time.   Curtains should be cleaned at least every 5 years to extend its lifespan. Also they should be drycleaned as soon as any spills or stains occur to prevent them from becoming permanent. If there is a smoker or a wood fireplace in the house they should be cleaned more often as well as the curtains :-).

The sun, particularly on west facing windows can weaken curtain fabrics and cause yellowing. We have on hand the special technologies, treatments and expertise to gently clean the weakened curtains, patch them, repair them or alter with our experts to bring about the best possible results thus saving your curtains for many years to come.

After cleaning. they are gently steamed by hand to remove creases and wrinkles.

We were properly trained in fabrics, drycleaning, fibre properties and chemistry at the old Melbourne College of Textiles in the early Eighties. This gives us full qualifications to do the job right. Also we are long serving members of the Drycleaning Institute of Australia and the International Fabricare Institute.

We also have a unique silicon stain guarding treatment to apply to freshly cleaned curtains to help prevent future stains.

Just call us to arrange an onsite quotation with our expert which is free within Inner SE suburbs, or a small charge for further travel. After hours can be arranged as well. We take down and rehang, finishing the job properly.

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