Getting the Most out of your Drycleaner

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Helping us to help you.

What are the stains?
Although we’re pretty good at recognising most stains, but we still get some mysteries.
If you can please tell us what the stains are, to help ensure we use the correct procedure and gives us a higher chance of complete stain removal.

As soon as practicable after the garment is stained bring it in to us. Some stains can set permanently after a week or so.

Leave it alone!
Do resist the urge to try removing stains from your valuable dryclean only garments. This will give us much better odds of stain removal! If you must do something then blot with a damp cloth. Just blot, Do NOT rub especially silk.. ever…

Also allow us as long as we need to remove stains. Some difficult stains can take a week to work on.

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