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Information about our shirt service


  • 1 shirt $5.90
  • 5 shirts or more $4.90 each
  • Press only shirts $3.90 each (shirts will look far better if we launder them)
  • Shirts are normally laundered for best results, not dry-cleaned unless they have difficult oily stains and are laundered afterwards. Or drycleaned only at customers request or care label. Some high-end shirts are dry clean only. By all means tell us how you’d like them cleaned.
  • We have a new state of the art shirt pressing machine which presses and dries wet shirts to a perfectly smooth crisp finish.
  • Do shirts shrink? All new items if not pre-shrunk by the manufacturer can shrink with the first time its immersed in any cleaning process. This should not be seen as the fault of the cleaner because it’s the consequence of the manufacturing process where fabrics are stretched very tightly on weaving looms, hence the fabric naturally ‘relaxes’ (shrinks) after being in liquid either drycleaning solution or water. This problem will not go away unless consumers demand the manufacturers preshrink their items.
  • It’s our job to clean shirts effectively and as safely as possible for the widest range of shirts we receive.
  • Our shirt process has been carefully designed with a lot of thought put into each step to meet this aim.
  • Shirts received are tagged to identify who they belong to
  • Inspected for stains that need pre treatment
  • Heavily soiled collars scrubbed
  • Special, potentially difficult stains treated
  • Shirts are slightly ‘underloaded’ in laundry machines to ensure optimum cleaning action with least wear and tear and cleaned on a 4 or 5 bath process
  • The laundering in done with warm water, not hot to minimise shrinkage issues
  • The detergent is a high quality enzyme detergent that is designed to work well at low temperatures we also add a colour safe bleach to maximise brightness and stain removal
  • The shirts are deep rinsed twice to ensure shirts are completely rinsed free of chemicals that may cause dry skin or irritations.
  • Dark coloured shirts are laundered strictly in cold water with a specific liquid detergent that minimises colour fading.
  • Delicate shirts are laundered in cold water on a delicate cycle with delicate detergent.
  • The shirts are removed from the machine at the end of the cycle, shaken out out and taken to the shirt pressing area.
  • If any stains remain the stains will be treated and re-processed.
  • We do not tumble dry shirts as this creates a high risk of shrinkage.
  • Collars and cuffs are dried and polished on our specialised stainless steel Collar and Cuff pressing unit, this gives a very professional looking beautiful crisp, polished appearance to collars and cuffs
  • The damp shirts are carefully set up on the Versaform V3 The front clamp dries out the button plackets the unit holds the shirt at the bottom tails and cuffs then starts with some steam to soften the sleeves and body and dries it with hot air under gentle tension then cold air to ‘set’ the perfect finish.
  • The shirt is unloaded and hung with the top button done up ready for wear.
  • Shirts requiring any additional work or different cleaning due to special finishes or trims etc will be charged more appropriately.
  • Starch is available on request
  • Formal shirts are normally starched.